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Let us help you identify the very best location for your needs to ensure the long-term viability of your medical facility.


We provide a full service solution and team to help you through the entire process when finding and moving to a new location.


We become an extension of your organization and work  to increase occupancy and enhance asset valuation.


We provide efficient, measured real estate solutions to corporate healthcare providers with cost saving strategies for their real estate occupancy needs.


We guide healthcare providers and real estate investors when making strategic acquisitions or maximizing the value of existing assets when selling.


We help physicians and medical providers explore the most effective financing solutions for acquisition financing, construction and expansion finance, and refinancing.


Healthcare is a rapidly evolving industry, and making informed decisions is key when selecting new locations for healthcare facility expansions or relocations.  Whether your organization is selecting one single location or a series of de novo options in a new market, our team can assist in developing a site selection strategy by analyzing critical healthcare market data and developing your primary service area for targeted locations.  

Once a primary service area (PSA) has been established, we can prepare a series of demographic and psycho-graphic reports along with other key metrics like payer mix analysis and discharge data, all of which will maximize your ability to pinpoint the perfect location and ensure the long-term viability of your medical facility.

Our site selection services include:

  • Market Assessment & Strategy

  • Demographic & Payer Mix Analysis

  • Physician Need Analysis

  • Patient Discharge Analysis

  • Real Estate Market Surveys

  • Lease vs. Buy Scenarios

  • Economic Incentive Assessments & Negotiations

  • Hospital & Physician strategy



  National Healthcare Realty provides tenant representation services by a team of dedicated experts that represent a wide range of physician specialties and medical professionals.  We work with both local and national tenants and provide a customized real estate solution for each.  Our national tenants, requiring multiple locations in multiple markets, appreciate our ability to understand their unique requirements and quickly and effectively tour them in any market, show them the best options that fit their needs, and smoothly work to finalize all aspects of their new locations.

Your medical practice can count on the expert guidance of our team to negotiate on your behalf in order to save you time and money during the process.  Our full service solution not only encompasses the real estate transaction, but also works with you to provide a complete team of experts to complete any and all work that may be required including a team of architects, engineers, general contractor, project manager, attorneys, space planners, equipment vendors, lenders, or any other specialist that may be needed for your unique needs.

Get started now by talking with one of our tenant representation experts who can create a customized strategy for your lease renewal, clinic expansion, or clinic relocation.  We can even represent you when its time to buy your next medical building.





 National Healthcare Realty has a deep understanding of the healthcare industry and a holistic perspective on medical real estate ownership.  Successfully marketing and leasing a medical property requires a unique marketing plan that addresses key elements such as physician specialties, hospital affiliations, referral patters, payer mix, and a host of intricate data points that all lead to critical decision making when physicians and hospital lease space.

Combining our healthcare expertise with local healthcare market knowledge gives our leasing brokers a competitive advantage when representing landlords of medical office buildings and other healthcare properties.  Our local leasing teams become an extension of your organization in a local market and work closely with your leasing directors and asset managers to increase occupancy and enhance asset valuation.

Successfully leasing on-campus or off-campus medical buildings requires a unique strategy that blends various market data and demand drivers with a partnership process that brings physicians and hospital staff  together in order to create the perfect blend of medical tenants in a referral-oriented ecosystem.  We represent a wide range of landlords including hospitals, REITs, and individual investors.



Healthcare organizations are faced with an increasingly competitive business landscape and higher real estate occupancy costs in an uncertain healthcare industry.  Cultivating and maintaining a strong real estate strategy requires the guidance and expertise of a well-seasoned team that can help your organization develop a holistic evaluation of your business model and space needs.

We can provide efficient, measured real estate solutions to corporate healthcare providers with cost saving strategies for their real estate occupancy needs including:



Occupancy Cost Analysis

Lease Renewal & Restructuring







Selling Your Medical Property

National Healthcare Realty guides healthcare providers and real estate investors when making strategic acquisitions or maximizing the value of existing assets when selling.

We provide the same structured guidance to individual physicians and smaller medical investment groups as we continue to advise owners and operators on the best methods to maximizing the value of the healthcare real estate holdings, assisting with capital planning for real estate, and monetizing non-core real estate assets.

Our Capital Markets services include:

  • Managing health system monetization of healthcare real estate

  • Advising physician groups on various sale and recapitalization strategies

  • Providing innovative financing solutions through direct lender and capital relationships