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Converting Old Buildings to New Hospitals

With limited space available for new buildings, healthcare professionals are now looking at old buildings.

By Mackenna Moralez, Associate Editor

July 11, 2023

Since the COVID-19 pandemic first began in March 2020, there has been an increased demand for hospital space as beds continue to fill at a rapid rate. Despite this, there is limited availability for these types of spaces. To better address the situation, healthcare professionals are now looking at previously used buildings, such as shopping malls, to convert to hospitals. However, this conversion is always easier said than done.

Healthcare Facilities Today recently spoke with Lucia Hedke, managing director of healthcare of JLL and David Cripe, Senior Vice President of Project and Development Services of JLL about how healthcare managers can evaluate old buildings for new spaces.

HFT: What are the key considerations when converting an old building into a hospital or healthcare facility?

Lucia Hedke and David Cripe: There is a large difference from converting a typical commercial office building to a healthcare facility mainly revolving around the concept of patient care. Most facilities not originally designed with patient care models in mind will lack key functions that need to be considered. Key considerations range from site conditions including patient drop-off areas and parking requirements, structural requirements, architectural requirements within the facility, and systems requirements.

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