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The Master Planning Journey: Key Strategies to Mitigating Risk & Optimizing Outcomes

By Paul Zubeck

November 2022

As many hospitals shift to what feels like a nearly continuous strategic planning cycle, and focus on an array of dynamic initiatives during a pivotal time in the industry, it’s no surprise multi-year, multi-phase, campus-wide design and construction initiatives are particularly in demand.

Given their potential to impact so many hospital priorities – like the patient experience, market competitiveness, operational and financial performance, innovation, technological advancement and the employee experience – these projects come with greater rewards, but also greater risks, and therefore require more sophistication than shorter, simpler projects.

Unique challenges + intricacies

Multi-year, multi-phase master planning initiatives typically involve several separate but related renovation and expansion projects over the course of several years. So, these projects inevitably require more resources – from the construction manager, design partners, trade partners and owner – to successfully deliver high-quality results within the shortest time possible. But, according to healthcare vice president at JE Dunn Construction, Russell Templin, “anytime more stakeholders are involved, risk and complexity increase.”

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